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Pineapple (Josephine)
Whole and sweet , estimate weight 200g-300g per pieces
MYR 2.90 per pcs
Chicken (Whole) - Cut 12/ Ayam Standard Potong 12
Fresh, chicken cut 12, Estimate weight per bird 1.5kg-1.7kg 
MYR 16.80 per bird
Chicken Super Fresh
Whole, with no head and organs (1.8kg-2.5kg per bird)
MYR 8.50 per kg
Sabah Ikan Bilis Mata Biru Grade AAA
Whole & cleaned, packaging per kg
MYR 50.60 per kg
Sabah Udang Kering
Dried, golden color, packaging per kg
MYR 45.90 per kg
Sabah Ikan Bilis Bulat Besar
Mid size (3cm), packaging per kg
MYR 20.00 per kg
Sabah Ikan Bilis Mata Biru - 500g
Whole & cleaned, packaging 500g per packet
MYR 15.70 per pkt
Sabah Ikan Bilis Mata Biru -250g
Whole & cleaned, packaging 250g per packet
MYR 8.50 per pkt
Sabah Udang Geragau
Whole and cleaned, packaging per kg
MYR 25.90 per kg
Dried Chilli 668 (Spicy)
Dried and cleaned, spicy, origin IndiaPackaging 4.5kg per bag
MYR 70.00 per bag
Egg / Telur (30s) - Grade A
MYR 10.70 per Tray
Egg / Telur (30s) - Grade B
MYR 9.00 per Tray
Egg / Telur (30s) - Grade C
MYR 6.70 per Tray
Egg / Telur (30s) - Kampung(B)
MYR 14.00 per Tray
Chicken Standard (Fresh)
Fresh with liver & gizard, weight per bird 1.8kg-2.5kg
MYR 7.70 per kg
Ginger Old
Whole and well packed, packaging 5kg per bag, Origin: China
MYR 36.70 per bag

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