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Whole, red and cleaned
MYR 4.30 per kg
Capsicum (Green)/ Cili Bulat (Hijau)
Fresh and cleaned
MYR 9.50 per kg
Cauliflower / kubis bunga (China)
Whole and cleaned
MYR 7.30 per kg
Red Chilli/ Cili Merah
Whole, red and cleaned
MYR 13.40 per kg
Corn (fresh) / Jagung
Yellowish and taste sweet, 400g/pcs
MYR 1.60 per pcs
Timun Jepun/ Japanese Cucumber
Whole, green and cleaned
MYR 5.50 per kg
Green and cleaned
MYR 7.30 per kg
Long Beans/Kacang Panjang
Whole, green and cleaned
MYR 9.75 per kg
Lettuce Iceberg
Crispy, green and cleaned
MYR 7.20 per kg
Calamansi/ Limau Kasturi
Whole, green and cleaned
MYR 7.90 per kg
Chilli Padi - Red / cili padi (merah)
Red and cleaned
MYR 19.50 per kg
Chilli Padi - Green / Cili Padi Hijau
Green and cleaned
MYR 10.40 per kg
Passion fruit
Whole, fresh and sweet
MYR 11.60 per kg
Avocado / Avocado
Whole, ripe and cleaned, 150g-170g/pcs
MYR 6.10 per pcs
French Beans / kacang buncis
Small, soft, velvety pod
MYR 9.15 per kg
Mushroom (Oyster)
MYR 6.70 per pkt
Apple (red)
Red, fresh and cleaned, 100g/pcs
MYR 1.80 per pcs
Chicken (Whole) - Cut 24/ Ayam Standard Potong 24
FFresh, chicken cut 24, Estimate weight per bird 1.5kg-1.7kg 
MYR 16.80 per bird
Chicken (Wings)/ Kepak Ayam
Fresh and cleaned
MYR 13.20 per kg
Imported Tenderloin Slice - Aust / Daging Batang Pinang (500g-AUS)
Frozen, 500g/pkt
MYR 42.70 per pkt

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We aim to increase the farmers profits while decreasing the F&B fresh produce cost by directly connecting farmers to businesses. Using technology and data, we match the demand from F&B outlets to supply from agro producers, while ensuring fresh and quality produce at better margins for both farmers and businesses.

Our secret? This platform is supported by AirAsia’s digital ecosystem and logistics network that covers inter city & inter state first mile and last mile services. In addition, we leverage our airline connectivity for cross border trading. We are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia.

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